JudyBaker Head Coach – Judy Baker
I began coaching in 1983 after a long and successful swimming career. I competed at the club, university and the National Canadian swim team levels. I became Nationally ranked at the age of 13. I was seated top three in the country in three events and become world ranked in 1978 placing me in the top 25 in the world. In 1980, I broke the Canadian record for the 800 meters freestyle. I was one of the first females inducted to the NAIA swimming and diving hall of fame and was honoured with athlete of the year for Simon Fraser University.

I ended my swimming career in 1983 and soon thereafter started coaching full-time.

Early in my swimming career very little information was available about the “art or science” of swim coaching.
Volumes of information is now readily researched and available. Lots of research exists today on training programs both in and out of the water, stroke mechanics, fluid dynamics, nutritional development and psychological profiling. These are all area that I studied at SFU and that I have learned about through my 30 odd years of involvement in swimming and coaching. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with both swimmers and coaches.

My general philosophy towards swimming is about forming good technique and training habits through fun and healthy work-outs as well as friendly competition. I believe socializing with both swimmers and their families help build strong club dynamics.The main objective behind all healthy competitive swim clubs is to provide an opportunity for each of its member’s to attain his or her maximum potential in competitive swimming. Not everyone will be able to make every swim practice or want to compete at the beginning. That is fine too. I will work with each athlete with an individualized approach to their goals in this sport.

I look forward to helping develop swimmers to their full potential both in and outside of the water.
Coach Judy