Muffin Schedule

**on hold due to COVID  -we can’t wait for this to start up again!

We have an optional “muffins and coffee” after practice on Sundays.  It’s a really great way to unwind and get to know your fellow swimmers.  When it’s your turn, you’re in charge of bringing some breakfast snacks and getting things set up for after the workout. You’ll set up a table and get the coffee started (there’s a bin in the back equipment room with supplies, table in the exercise room) and clean up afterwards.

If you’re interested in participating, please sign up for ONE spot between Sept and Feb.  We’ll have a second round from March to August.  That’s only two times in the whole year, and you’ll get breakfast almost every Sunday. If no one has signed up for a particular day, then we don’t have muffins/coffee that day.

Here are the instructions, also in the tote box.

Coffee takes 30 – 45 min to percolate so it’s best to do these steps before you get in the pool.  (We’ve been making 15 cups of water with 1 cup of coffee.  That seems to be enough.)

Set up the table (if Winskill staff haven’t already done this) in front of the display cabinets. Tables are located in the closet in the Multi-purpose room.  Get the tote box, kettle, and two carafes from the Winskill Otters cabinet in the back equipment room.

Take our coffee maker into the Multi-purpose room and set it up there. We are no longer allowed to have our coffee maker plugged in ANYWHERE in the waiting room due to safety concerns. You will have to get out of the pool earlier and transfer the hot coffee into the pump thermos which can then be set out on the table.

Muffins and goodies have been known to ‘disappear’ during our practice so it’s best to cover the food and make sure the “Otters only” signs are on the table.

If you notice any supplies are running short please let our Social Coordinator know and we’ll get it replenished.